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Social Media Manager

Associate of Arts

B.S. Marine Biology and Sustainable Aquaculture - Unity College [in progress]

Kaylie was born and raised in Colorado. At the young age of four, she quickly realized she had a passion for marine life. After receiving an Associate of Arts degree in 2019, she moved to Oahu, Hawaii to pursue a career closer to the environment she had fallen in love with. 

Currently, Kaylie attends Unity College pursuing a Bachelor’s in Marine Biology and Sustainable Aquaculture with an emphasis in shark preservation. Being a team member of Hawaii Uncharted Research Collective allows her to learn more about the creatures she cares about, while helping educate others on the importance of the oceanic ecosystem.


“I do what I can to help restore our oceans. I recycle and stick to reusable products! I also enjoy donating to conservation programs that clean up local beaches.”

Kaylie Brumley

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