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A first look at whale sharks in Hawaiian waters: Using citizen science to study the world's largest fish, Rhincodon typus

Published: January 20, 2023

Marcoux, T.M., Marcoux, S.D., Harvey, M. & Araujo, G.

Improving sightings-derived residency estimation for whale shark aggregations: A novel metric applied to a global data set

Published: July 28, 2022

Araujo G, Agustines A, Bach SS, Cochran JEM, Parra-Galván Edl, Parra-Venegas Rdl, Diamant S, Dove A, Fox S, Graham RT, Green SM, Green JR, Hardenstine RS, Hearn A, Himawan MR, Hobbs R, Holmberg J, Shameel I, Jaidah MY, Labaja J, Leblond S, Legaspi CG, Maguiño R, Magson K, Marcoux SD, Marcoux TM, Marley SA, Matalobos M, Mendoza A, Miranda JA, Norman BM, Perry CT, Pierce SJ, Ponzo A, Prebble CEM, Ramírez-Macías D, Rees R, Reeve-Arnold KE, Reynolds SD, Robinson DP, Rohner CA, Rowat D, Snow S, Vázquez-Haikin A and Watts AM

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