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Chief Technical Scientist

B.A. Psychobiology - University of New England

M.S. Marine Science - Hawai'i Pacific University

Travis graduated from Hawai’i Pacific University in 2016 with a Masters degree in Marine Science studying metabolism/energetics and locomotion in coral reef fishes. His thesis research examined wave induced action and its effects on coral reef fish swimming performance and energetics. After graduating from HPU, Travis moved to the Big Island to study the bountiful ocean megafauna through scuba diving and freediving along the Kona coast. Travis is also a submarine pilot for a passenger submarine company. Before attending HPU, Travis worked as the staff biologist for a private marine resource company in Brunswick, Maine conducting marine resource research, developing resource management plans including invasive species management, and population density/shellfish viability surveys. His love and dedication to ocean conservation make his work at Hawai’i Uncharted Research Collective a tremendously rewarding experience.

Travis Profile Pic edit.jpg

“We don’t know anything about individuals sighted in Hawaii, how long they stay in Hawaiian waters, or really where they’re coming from or going to. Our research is starting to piece together some of the first ever summary information about whale sharks in Hawaiian waters.

Travis Marcoux

Environmental Monitor, September 25, 2018,  "Jumping into the deep end with Whale Sharks in Hawaii"

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