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December 2018 Update

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're getting back into the swing of HURC after the holidays, we apologize this update is a few days late.

(c) Alicia Ward - photo of Sam HI-Rt-034, who has been seen again this year multiple times


  1. First, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope the holidays were lovely for everyone.

  2. We are currently at 141 unique individuals. As you've probably seen via social media, December was crazy with whale sharks.

  3. GEMS (Girls Exploring Math and Science) went off without a hitch. A huge thank you to our Ambassador Dre who assisted Stacia for the event. We appreciate you all so much!

  4. There are still a lot of submissions rolling in for whale sharks, be sure to keep scouring social media for sightings that may be occurring on your island.

  5. The Brewery Running Series is expanding to more breweries, be sure to check it out and share it with your friends. The website is: and their Instagram name is: @hibreweryrun

  6. In continuation from last month, we are still looking for ambassadors for Molokai. I know this is a tricky spot, but if you know anyone be sure to pass along their contact to me.



We have been seeing some extremely poor behavior with eco-tour companies, fisherman, and recreational boaters towards whale sharks. It is extremely disheartening and we are trying to do a large social push regarding our voluntary Code of Conduct and Ecotourism guides. Please make sure to share these guides in any means possible, posting them on social media or a pin-board at a local harbor.

Below are images of Yolomo, a shark that was identified in Hawaii in May of 2018. It was sighted again a month ago, showing new injuries:


January 17, 2019 - Mokupāpapa Discovery Center, Presentation in Hilo

March 23, 2019 - Brewery Running Series, Ola Brew, Kona


NONE for this month

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