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July/August Update

Hi Team! Back again with an update. This is for a very busy July and August.

Next update: Hopefully the end of September or October.

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  1. To date (today haha) we have a total of 246 known individuals with 289 total sightings of identifiable individuals. We also have 103 sightings submitted from individuals where we are unable to determine their identity (either right side only, photos are not clear enough to identify like surface shots or far away shots) for a total of 392 sightings! So far this summer, we have received 51 sightings of identifiable individuals and 11 unknown sightings (20 in June, 31 in July and 11 so far in August). This doesn't include sightings that came from the same individual at the same location on the same day but does include any individuals that were seen more than one day of the month.

  2. Stacia and Travis have been crazily presenting all over the Big Island. Our outreach page on the website has all the great photos from recent events and listings for upcoming ones (I will list the upcoming ones below as well).

  3. We have been updating our website with more information and faqs.

  4. More entangled animals are showing up this year. One was disentangled on Oahu and re-sighted off the Big Island. We have made a page specifically geared towards this on our website. Feel free to direct people to this page if they have questions about the issue. (

  5. As a way of fundraising, interested individuals can now "sponsor" a whale shark. This will include a yearly $100 donation. With such we will provide background information on the chosen shark, first-to-know resights, a sponsorship certificate, and a quarterly HURC newsletter. With the newsletter we will probably be reaching out to interview one of you for each one. So people can better know the staff and volunteers of HURC. We will let you know.

  6. Exciting things on the horizon in partnership with the Georgia Aquarium. When things get finalized we will let you guys know.

  7. We are still focusing on 1 big fundraiser for the end of year. If you have ideas, let me (Maria) know.

Refer to Update #5

Refer to Update #1


October 17th, 2019 - Mokupāpapa Discovery Center

December 10th, 2019 - GEMS: Girls Exploring Math and Science

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