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October/November Update

Hi Team! Back again with an update. This is for another busy October/November.

Next update: Hopefully the end of 2019

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  1. As of today, we have 282 known individuals. Our sightings have slowed down slightly over the past few weeks, however, we're preparing for a busy December again.

  2. The website is in a continual state of flux. We updated our donation page. We can now accept credit cards directly on the website, in addition to the old methods/links to PayPal, Facebook, and Amazon Smile.

  3. We are tentatively trying out a grant writer, Annie VanDinter. She works from NatGeo, Natural Habitat Adventures, and more. Ideally, if this works out she will take over most of the grants, leaving time for the HURC team to work on publications, field work, etc.

  4. We have secured 5 satellite tags (from GA), which we are hoping to place within the next few months. I (Maria) was on island for two weeks in attempt to tag a few, however, due to gale warnings none were found. We will most likely be trying again soon. If anyone is interested in flying over to volunteer, we welcome you as our ambassadors first.

  5. The first EXCLUSIVE newsletter is going out this January to the persons that have sponsored a whale shark. Possibly eyeing a quarterly newsletter with less in-depth information for anyone who has offered their email at outreach events or contacted us via email.

  6. This holiday season, if someone is looking for a whale shark gift, steer them towards our shop, SpaceFish Army (, and Danielle Burnsides art ( All of these places offer proceeds to HURC.

  7. I am working on a BIG fundraiser at Kona Brewing Company for International Whale Shark Day in August. Ideally, Kimie Miner will be playing and a specialty beer will be available. If this does work out, is anyone interested in selling their art, photography (Chloe?), or other items at event booths.

  8. I will be updating our naming certificate once again for 2020. We are trying to do this yearly, so people can collect certificates if they send in multiple animals. I will have that new update for you at the end of December.

Refer to Update #6

Refer to Update #6


December 10th, 2019 - GEMS: Girls Exploring Math and Science

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